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Vernonia fasciculata 'Common Ironweed'

Vernonia fasciculata 'Common Ironweed'

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Vernonia fasciculata, commonly known as Ironweed, is a wildflower native to North America. It is known for its tall, stiff stems, large, oval-shaped leaves, and clusters of small, purple flowers that bloom from late summer to early fall.

Ironweed can grow up to 3-6 feet tall and 1-2 feet wide, with stems that are tall, stiff, and sometimes woody at the base. The leaves are large, oval-shaped, and have a rough texture, with a deep green color and toothed edges. The flowers are small, violet-purple disc flowers arranged in clusters along the stem.

In terms of habitat, Ironweed is well-adapted to a variety of soil and moisture conditions and can be found in both dry and moist soils. It is also tolerant of drought and can grow in full sun to partial shade but prefers full sun. 

Ironweed is known for its ability to tolerate harsh growing conditions. The name "Ironweed" refers to the plant's tough stems, which are able to withstand heavy rain and strong winds, making it a durable and long-lasting addition to any garden.


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