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Ratibida pinnata ‘Yellow Coneflower'

Ratibida pinnata ‘Yellow Coneflower'

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Ratibida pinnata also known as Yellow coneflower is a perennial native wildflower that gets between 3’-5’ tall and survives in a variety of soil situations from medium wet to medium dry. It also enjoys full sun to partial shade. It blooms from July - September with dramatic drooping yellow ray flowers that form a disk around a raised central cone, giving it a distinctive appearance. It works well as a companion plant to Monarda fistulosa blooming around the same time of year.

The foilage of Ratibida pinnata's leaves create a nice texture within the native landscape. It is adaptable to a variety of soil types, including loamy, sandy, and clay soils, as long as they are not waterlogged. It can tolerate drought conditions and is not picky about soil pH, but it prefers slightly acidic to neutral soil (pH 6.0 to 7.0). Adding organic matter to the soil can improve its fertility and structure, helping to maintain healthy plant growth.


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