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Hibiscus laevis 'Rose Mallow'

Hibiscus laevis 'Rose Mallow'

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Hibiscus laevis, also known as the rose mallow, is a perennial herbaceous plant that is native to North America. It typically grows to a height of 2-6 feet, and has large, showy flowers that bloom from summer to fall. The flowers are typically white or pink, with a dark red or purple central eye. They have a trumpet shape and can reach up to 6 inches across. The petals are delicate and wavy, with a smooth or slightly hairy surface. The leaves are green, large and simple, typically measuring 5-8 inches long and 4-6 inches wide, with a smooth or slightly hairy surface. They are arranged alternately on the stem.

This plant prefers moist soils and full sun, it can grow in a wide range of soils but it prefers rich, moist soils.

A unique attribute of Hibiscus laevis is that it is a host plant for the larvae of several species of moths and butterflies, including the saltmarsh caterpillar (Estigmene acrea) and the swamp metalmark butterfly (Calephelis muticum). This means that the plant provides food for the young of these insects, which are important pollinators and play an essential role in maintaining biodiversity in the ecosystem. 

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Photo 1: Eric Hunt, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons



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